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Watch – Submissive Teen is Castigate by her Stepfather

Watch – Submissive Teen is Castigate by her Stepfather

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Title: Watch – Submissive Teen is Castigated by her Stepfather

In the enchanted realm of Lysandra, where magic and desire intertwine, a young maiden named Elara found herself under the dominion of her imposing stepfather, Lord Theron. As the moon cast its silvery light over the sprawling castle grounds, Elara’s heart quickened with a mixture of fear and forbidden excitement.

Lord Theron, a powerful sorcerer known for his commanding presence and insatiable appetite for control, had taken Elara under his wing after her mother’s untimely passing. With a flick of his wand and a murmured incantation, he bound Elara to him in ways that transcended mere kinship.

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