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Watch – Open your mouth and accept my fart

Watch – Open your mouth and accept my fart

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Title: Watch – Open Your Mouth and Accept My Fart

In the magical realm of Etherea, where desires and fantasies intertwine with mystical energies, there exists a unique ritual known only to a select few. It is a ritual of intimacy and surrender, where one’s willingness to embrace the taboo unlocks unimaginable pleasure.

In a secluded chamber adorned with flickering candles and velvet draperies, the alluring enchantress, Lilith, stands before her willing supplicant, a handsome warrior named Alistair. With a mischievous glint in her eyes, she beckons him closer, her silken gown whispering against her skin as she moves.

“Watch closely, Alistair,” Lilith purrs, her voice like




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