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Watch – Ben Vit blows his load

Watch – Ben Vit blows his load

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In the enchanted realm of Aetheria, where desires are as potent as spells and pleasures are as intoxicating as potions, there dwells a powerful sorcerer named Ben Vit. Known for his mastery of the arcane arts and his irresistible charm, Ben Vit is a figure of fascination and fantasy among the denizens of the realm.

Tonight, under the shimmering light of the full moon, whispers spread like wildfire through the mystical forests and ancient citadels of Aetheria. The rumor was tantalizingly scandalous – Ben Vit, the enigmatic sorcerer, was preparing to perform a forbidden ritual known as the “Watch,” a spell of such intense passion and primal allure that those who witnessed it were said to be forever changed.

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